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The Fast Track to Industrial Design

Hydraulic Jacks Group
Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders
Operating pressure 70 Mpa
(10000 psi), lifting capacities from 40 to 1100 Tonne
Centre Hole 180 Tonne
Partly Extented
Double Acting Centre Hole
Used for
Pre-stressing concrete, Cable tensioning, Bearing extraction
and other applications that require a balanced centre line force
Future Excel Linked Models  That will be included on this site:

Single Acting lock-ring and low-profile hydraulic cylinders

Medium pressure 35 Mpa Cylinders with position sensors

Component vendor specific linked spreadsheets
Lock ring cylinder
General Assembly drawing
Automatically generated:
Manufacturing drawings, General Assemblies and Bill of Materials
Watch this video to see how the control spreadsheet recalculates and remodels.
Download and use the archive files to gain experience of Industrial Design, while maintaining productivity.
Experienced Designers can avoid the need to perform laborious repetitive calculations and remodelling, for specialist projects.
Keep full
control of design reliability by simply entering a couple of parameters into the spreadsheet
Autodesk Inventor Projects controlled by spreadsheet.
An Alternative method to learning Industrial Design.
Take this
opportunity to gain experience, for students and apprentices
. Download the files.
Eliminate the need to perform complex engineering & physics calculations.

The Future of Industrial Design

Use mass storage to communicate with current and future generations
Use tried and tested calculations developed by respected Scientists and Mathematicians such as Gabriel Lamé, Pythagoras, and Isaac Newton that are relevant in today's Industrial World.
Digitally store a wealth of information for future use.
Build a Library of projects (average size 5 MB).
Reduce costly design and calculation errors
Using Pre-programmed Excel calculation spreadsheets linked to Autodesk Inventor models
Achieve this with
currently available software and intermediate level hardware

Control Autodesk Inventor models with Microsoft Excel

Including Downloadable User Files
The Workbook can be used for order confirmation