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The Excel.xls files can be used in Compatibility Mode with versions of Excel that are newer than 2003.
Solid Piston Cylinders 40-100 Tonne
Solid Piston Cylinders 101-250 Tonne
Solid Piston Cylinders 251-500 Tonne
Solid Piston Cylinders 501-1100 Tonne
Double Acting Centre Hole Cylinder
Split Piston Double Acting Cylinder XL2003/7
Split Piston Double Acting Cylinder XL2010
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Double Acting High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

The following archive files are basically identical, with the exception that the drawing files, sheet sizes and scales have been adjusted to a more suitable selection for the size ranges:


To create cylinder designs with minimum editing requirements to sheet size, scale and dimension positions.
We suggest using the appropriate range for the project.

Double Acting High Pressure Centre Hole Hydraulic Cylinders

User input consists of Centre hole diameter (mm) and the required Extending force (metric Tonne).


Split Piston Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Designed to ease piston seal assembly for large diameter bore sizes.
cylinder_da_sp_xl03.rar contains control spreadsheets saved in Excel 2003 (xls) format and Excel 2010 (xlsx) format   and cylinder_da_sp_xl10.rar is set to use the (xlsx) format.