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Part 1.
Managing and extracting the downloaded winrar.rar archive file
. Pointing Autodesk Inventor to your Project folder. Resolving missing Content Centre Components.
Part 2.
Open Parts models from the General Assembly model
. Automatically create the Contents Centre Files Folder.
Add more components to the Folder.
Part 2a. Open the Part models from the GA model, and The Control Spread-Sheet from the
Third Party item in any Part Model Tree
Enter different parameters into the Spread-Sheet, and update the General Assembly Model.
Part 3.
Use the Control Spread-sheet to enter the required parameters for the project
. Delete components that are no longer required in the project.
Edit component specifications and quantities
Drive the moving Parts to check that there are no collisions.
Save the Project.
Part 4.
The threaded parts of the models DO NOT update from the control spread-sheet
. This is so that full mobility and reusability of the archive files is maintained. This video shows the
manual editing of the threads
Part 5. As the models are modified the
manufacturing detail drawings parametrically update
. The video shows the
dimension position edits and sheet size changes
that are required for these drawings.
For the best result these videos should be viewed on YouTube click this icon in each video control bar.

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